March 16, 2023
Duct Cleaning Services in Kennesaw, GA

If you have a forced-air system in your home, then you have ductwork that runs throughout the walls and floors of your home. Every three to five years, your ducting should be cleaned by a licensed professional. There are some key signs that can help you know when it’s time to contact your chosen HVAC professional.

Vents Are Clogged With Debris

One of the most obvious signs that you need to invest in duct cleaning is that your vents and registers are clogged with debris. You’ll likely notice that dust bunnies and even mold may develop on the grates of your vents. If you look beyond the grates with a flashlight, you may see more debris inside your ducts.

Frequent Air Filter Changes

Another common sign that it’s time to get your ducts cleaned by a licensed professional is that you’re constantly replacing your HVAC system’s air filter. Most experts recommend replacing your filter every two to three months. If you find that it needs to be replaced every few weeks, then it’s highly likely that your ducts are packed full of dust and other debris.

Overly Dusty Home

One less obvious sign that your ducts may need to be cleaned is that your home seems to be collecting more dust than usual. If you’re used to dusting your home every two weeks and have noticed that it now needs to be done once a week, it’s likely that your ductwork is accumulating excessive debris.

Pest Problems

Unfortunately, your ductwork is the perfect home for rodents during the cold winter months. If you’ve found that you have an infestation, the airflow in your ducts could allow that smell and airborne toxins to circulate throughout your home. After calling the exterminator, it’s time to contact your HVAC technician for a thorough cleaning.

Top Quality Duct Cleaning Services

Total Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling offers duct cleaning services for the entire Kennesaw, WA and surrounding areas. Our HVAC technicians can also help with all of your heating & cooling, heat pump, indoor air quality, and commercial needs. Contact us today to get the service that you need.

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