At Total Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling, we’re dedicated to offering outstanding heating and air conditioning services to the residents of Decatur, GA. You’ll need a reliable HVAC system to stay comfortable in this DeKalb County city. Visitors to Decatur can visit the DeKalb History Center to learn more about the area. For an afternoon walk, the Woodlands Gardens provide a beautiful immersion in nature. The Callanwolde Fine Arts Center houses many amazing pieces of art.

    Heating & Air Conditioning in Decatur, GA

    Decatur Heating and Cooling Repair

    If you suspect that your heater or air conditioner in Decatur isn’t working properly, Total Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling should be the team you turn to for help. Our technicians are highly experienced and ready to diagnose the cause of any problem with your unit. We can perform heating repairs and cooling repairs that will restore your unit to its full reliability and efficiency so that you can have complete confidence in operating it. You’ll want to get issues addressed as soon as possible to minimize any excess wear and tear on your heater or air conditioner.

    There are many signs of a faulty heating or cooling system.
    • Unusual noises
    • Strange odors
    • Frequent system cycling on and off
    • Uneven heating or cooling

    Heating and Air Conditioning Installations

    Heating and Air Conditioning InstallationsWhen it’s time to get a new heater or air conditioner in your Decatur home, the technicians from Total Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling can make sure that the installation goes smoothly. We’re happy to offer advice about which unit would be right for your needs. It’ll be the right size to heat or cool your home efficiently and effectively. Our technicians will install your air conditioner or replace your furnace using the right parts and tools to ensure it’s ready to operate flawlessly. You’ll be shown how to operate and care for your new system when the installation is complete. We’ll make sure all waste is removed from your property.

    Benefits of Annual System Maintenance

    Keeping your HVAC systems properly maintained could extend their lifespans and keep them running as efficiently as possible. Our technicians will take the time to thoroughly clean out the internal components of your unit. This can improve energy transfer and increase the overall energy efficiency of your unit. A professionally maintained heater or air conditioner can keep your energy bills minimized. We’ll make sure that all of the safety systems are working properly and that there aren’t any gas leaks. We’ll give you a detailed assessment of the state of your system when the furnace tune-up or air conditioner tune-up is done.

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    To learn more about how we could help you keep your home at the right temperature throughout the various seasons of the year, give our team a call today.