May 16, 2022
Leaking AC in Kennesaw, GA

Having a well-working AC unit during the summer months can feel like a godsend. However, if you notice that your system is starting to leak water, it can be very alarming. It’s important that you fix the issue as quickly as possible because water can create extensive damage when allowed to penetrate the components inside of your house.

Where Is the Water Coming From?

Many people don’t realize that their air conditioning system works to remove humidity from inside of their home. In order to do that, it needs to pull the moisture out of the air and drain it. The evaporator coil on your air conditioning system pulls the heat out of the air, and, in turn, the excess humidity transfers to water droplets on the evaporator coil.

These droplets fall down into the condensate drain pan and find their way down the condensate drain. Most drains will lead to the outside of your house or connect with another drain inside of your home. Whenever your condensate drain gets clogged, the water has nowhere to go. It will simply back up until you start to notice it seeping out on the floors or walls of your home near your indoor AC unit.

How to Fix the Leak?

Since you know that the leak is caused by a clog in your condensate drain, the simple solution to fix the issue is to unclog the drain. You can do this using a wet vac or by hand. If you’re not fully able to unclog the drain, you’ll need to utilize a cleaning solution specifically designed for a condensate drain. You can pick this up at your local hardware store. It’s always a good idea to regularly use a cleaning solution for your condensate drain to help bust out any debris that gets stuck there over time to prevent a complete clog from forming.

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