December 20, 2022
Basement Heating Options in Kennesaw, GA

Have you ever wondered how your furnace keeps your home at a comfortable temperature all winter long? At the heart of your home’s heating system sits the furnace control board. It’s the component that runs your comfort system from start to finish.

The Key to Reliable Furnace Operation

The control board operates as the computer or brains of the system. It handles each step of activity in a specific order. This includes igniting the heat source and shutting the fan off after the air has reached the desired temperature. When the control board fails, your furnace won’t work at all.

Types of Control Boards

Both gas and electric furnaces use control boards. In older, less-efficient gas furnace equipment, you’ll find two circuit boards controlling the unit. One manages the ignition process and the other controls fan operation. Electric furnaces and newer gas furnaces use a single integrated control board to handle both ignition and fan activity.

What Causes Control Board Failure?

Sometimes failure occurs because of loose wiring, a dirty fuse or filter, a broken starting capacitor, or a bad fan motor. Power surges and outages can cause damage to the control board and the overall operation of a furnace. Dirt buildup on a board causes overheating and can trigger failure. Contact with water can also cause a board to fail.

Troubleshooting a Control Board

A regular furnace tune-up conducted by a qualified technician provides the most reliable way to maintain a control board. Keeping filters clean helps the system stay operable and can prevent the system from overworking. Responding quickly to repair needs supports safer operation. By testing the board’s circuits, an experienced technician can determine whether the board needs to be replaced.

Choose Qualified Furnace Services

Our NATE-certified technicians can assist you with any heating or cooling services you require on all makes and models. That includes installation, maintenance, and repair. Locals turn to us every day for dependable whole-home comfort solutions. We also handle indoor air quality, duct cleaning, and commercial refrigeration. Contact our team at Total Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling today to schedule furnace services for your home in Kennesaw.

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