March 17, 2022
Leaky Windows in Kennesaw, GA

Although Kennesaw has mild winters, you’ll still need your heating system for warmth and comfort during the season. If your home has old, leaky windows, you’ll notice that your heating system cycles more frequently, and despite the heater running more often, your home might not be as comfortable as you prefer. Leaky windows affect how your home is heated, and they have considerable impacts on the heating system’s performance and longevity.

Uncomfortable Areas

Leaky windows allow cold outdoor air to seep into your home in the wintertime. The areas near those windows will be cold and drafty, even if there’s a heat supply vent nearby. Rooms with several windows may get uncomfortably cold.

Lower Heating System Efficiency

Your heating system will have to perform more heating cycles to keep up with the loss of hot air through the leaky windows, which can result in your HVAC system’s efficiency decreasing. You may have to tinker with the thermostat just to feel comfortable when it’s chilly, and it might require more energy to get to your desired temperatures. This can lead to various issues, such as:

Higher Utility Bills

Hot air leaking out from your home’s windows, as covered before, can force your system to work harder to heat your house to the temperature you want. Decreased efficiency means your system will consume more electricity or gas, depending on the fuel type, to make up for the issue. With more energy being consumed, you’ll probably see an increase in your utility bills.

Shorter Heating System Lifespan

When your system is forced to work harder, there’s more to it than just efficiency and an impact on your utility bills. Machines, just like people, need to have time to rest; they can’t function at full capacity all the time. Whether your system cycles more frequently or the heating cycles last longer, that can accelerate the typical wear and tear on your system, leading to key parts potentially breaking. You may have to replace the heating system several years before the end of your make and model’s typical lifespan.

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