December 18, 2020

There are several means by which air purification can be used to kill microbes in the air. One of the newest and most effective means of killing viruses and bacteria in the air is through the use of UV air purifiers. How exactly does it work? Read on for the scoop.

Microbes Die in UVC Light

UV light is a natural killer for viruses and bacteria. Whether they are in the air, on surfaces, or even in water, countless studies have confirmed that this natural type of light radiation energy kills all of these microbes. In short, UV light works because viruses and bacteria do not have an outer protective layer that can block this special type of radiation energy in light, and subsequently, that energy invades the bodies of these organisms and cooks them from the inside out.

There are three types of UV light, but UVC is the specific type that causes the most devastating effect on microbes. This type of UV light is naturally found in sunlight, but usually not concentrated enough to kill microbes in a natural outdoor setting. Device-made UVC light, however, emits enough UVC to completely kill viruses and other microbes without any additional help.

COVID-19 and UVC Light

The COVID-19 virus is made of a cell body that is much like other kinds of viruses. Due to this fact, it is easily killed by exposure to UVC light just like any other microbe. As such, UV air purifiers have become an increasingly popular component to many homes and businesses today.

UV Air Purifiers

UV air purifiers broadcast a human- and pet-safe field of UVC radiation and can be installed as freestanding units or into the ductwork of existing heating and air systems. In either location, the result is the same. COVID-19, bacteria, and other viruses and microbes that come in contact with the UVC light field emitted by these devices are struck down, and the air in that structure is made much cleaner and safer to breathe.

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