August 17, 2021
Indoor Air Quality in Kennesaw, GA

Your enjoyment at home and productivity at work is dependent on clean air. With insufficient air quality, your health and wellness can suffer. Here are some worthwhile steps you can take to improve your indoor air quality.

Purchase an Air Purifier

A good air purifier can significantly reduce allergens and pollutants. When clean air is circulating, and you can breathe freely, it feels so much better.

Clean Dryer Vents Regularly

Dryer vents can collect dust, lint, and other debris that can be hazardous to your air quality. Cleaning them at least once a year can ensure clean air is flowing properly.

Get Some Fresh Air Into the Building

If the air quality outdoors isn’t affected by fires or pollution, simply letting some fresh air in can help tremendously. Fresh air can dilute the pollutants indoors and therefore improve air quality.

Clean Your AC Ducts Frequently

Your AC ducts can collect a substantial amount of pollutants, which does nothing but diminish your air quality. To avoid this, it’s good to clean your ducts as often as you can. Additionally, investing in a quality AC filter is always worth it.

Avoid Burning Wood and Candles Indoors

Although burning candles has its benefits, it can also contribute greatly to your building’s poor air quality. If wood is ever burned, it should be properly vented so that smoke and other toxins don’t accumulate in the air.

Check for Water Leaks

Pipe leaks or other places around the building that could be creating water build-up should be addressed as soon as they’re spotted. Leakage can create mold, which can very easily make its way into the air.

Use Products That Are Low-VOC

VOCs that come from products like hairspray can act as major pollutants. Buying products with little or no VOCs can significantly improve air quality.

At Total Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling, we’re here to help give you the very best air quality. With additional services such as heat pumps, commercial refrigeration, and more, you can count on us for any of your needs in Kennesaw, GA, and surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today. We can’t wait to assist you.

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