January 11, 2022
Damaged Duct Signs in Kennesaw, GA

In the average home, about 25% of the air in ductwork is lost through leaks and ill-fitting connections. While some signs your ductwork is losing air are subtle, there are also ones that are glaring and hard not to notice. What are the obvious signs your ductwork is damaged?

Dust and Dirt Around Registers

When your ducts are damaged, dust and dirt get into them. This debris is then blown into your home and appears around registers. This is a problem that severely reduces the indoor air quality in your home, as it may contain fungus, mold and allergens. It can also damage your home’s furnace and air conditioner.

Unusually High Energy Bills

Your first sign you have damaged ducts can likely be unexpectedly high energy bills. If the rest of your HVAC system seems to be working right, that points to a problem with your ductwork. When your ductwork is damaged, conditioned air escapes into unconditioned areas of your home, such as the crawlspace.

Total Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling in Kennesaw, GA can help you with damaged ductwork. Our technicians are dedicated to helping families have properly working ducts in their homes.

Noisy HVAC Operation

Your ductwork will make noises when the HVAC system is on. However, these sounds shouldn’t be unusually loud. If you’re hearing rattling, whistling or banging, that’s a sign something is wrong. A joint has failed or a section of ductwork has developed a hole.

Uneven Temperatures in Your Home

Your home should have an even temperature in every room. When there are hot and cold rooms, this indicates your ductwork has a problem. A technician can inspect your ductwork and figure out where the problem lies.

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