November 18, 2023
What is the most common problem with furnaces?

A furnace is a significant investment, and deciding to replace an older furnace is an important decision. After 25 years, you may begin to wonder whether it’s time for an upgrade. Keeping the following things in mind can help you determine if a replacement is the right choice.

Declining Efficiency

Older furnaces often become less efficient as they age. A 25-year-old furnace may operate at a much lower efficiency rate compared to modern models. This could result in higher energy bills, making replacement an appealing option.

Performance Issues

Over time, the performance of a furnace may decline, leading to inconsistent heating and reduced comfort. If you notice uneven temperatures in your home, it might be a sign that your furnace is struggling to keep up.

Maintenance and Repairs

A furnace that requires frequent repairs can quickly become a financial burden. With a 25-year-old furnace, you may find yourself facing mounting repair costs, making a new installation a more economical choice. In addition, finding replacement parts for an older furnace can be a challenge. If repairs become complex due to unavailable parts, it may be more practical to replace the furnace altogether.

Potential Safety Hazards

An aging furnace may present safety risks, such as carbon monoxide leaks or fire hazards. A professional inspection can identify these issues, but replacement may be the safest course of action.

Compliance With the Latest Standards

Modern furnaces are designed to meet current safety standards and regulations. Upgrading to a new model ensures that your heating system complies with these important safety guidelines.

Deciding whether to replace a 25-year-old furnace requires careful consideration of many factors. At Total Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling, we can help you determine if replacing your furnace is a good idea. We also specialize in other services, such as duct cleaning, AC maintenance, and heat pump installations for customers in Kennesaw and the surrounding areas. Give Total Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling a call to learn more.

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