January 19, 2023
Indoor Air Quality in Kennesaw, GA

The reason indoor air quality is worse in the winter is that there is less fresh air flowing through a home, and people spend more time inside their homes. When you know what makes the indoor air quality in your home bad, then it is easier to fix these issues.


Humidity or the lack of humidity are both issues when it comes to indoor air quality. Typically, humidity lowers in the winter, so you will have more issues with indoor air quality. You may notice that you or the people in your home have dry skin, chapped, lips, and even cracked skin. You may also have an itchy scalp. Breathing issues are also common when there is a lack of moisture in the air. Hardwood floors and furniture can start to warp or crack if there is too little humidity.

Newer Construction

Modern homes are constructed with insulation that helps keep the heat in and they are also well-sealed. Insulating a home like this means there is minimal airflow through the home, which can worsen the indoor air quality in your home.

More People in Your Home for Longer

During the winter months, you may have guests for the holidays. Also, the people that do live in your home may stay inside for many more hours than they do in the summer months. This means that there is more opportunity to run heating units, fireplaces, gas stoves, and cooking stoves that can cause polluted air inside of your home. Also, having a pet living inside means that there is more pet dander floating around in the air along with the added dust.

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