April 16, 2021
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Every year you, see all the UV light devices pop up around stores. You can get UV cell phone cleaners, UV light sticks and, of course, UV light air purifiers.

Is there some benefit to adding UV to your HVAC system, or is it all hype? Shouldn’t your air filter be enough to give you good indoor air quality?

Difference Between Filters and Purifiers

First, let’s discuss what filters and purifiers do. Filters remove contaminants from the air. Different filters will remove particles of different sizes.

In most HVAC systems, small organisms like viruses are so tiny they move right through the filter. Consequently, they end up being recirculated throughout your home.

UV air purifiers disrupt the DNA function of these biological organisms, rendering them inert. This process not only deals with possible sources of illness but also allergens and odor-causing particles as well.

How Ultraviolet Light Functions

UV light generally has three different forms. There are UV-A, UV-B and UV-C, which are different ranges of the ultraviolet spectrum. The most powerful of these is the UV-C light range, which has the shortest wavelength.

This particular UV light scrambles the DNA function of biological cells. In air systems, it is this light that prevents cells from carrying out their biological function.

Why an Installed Unit Is Best?

There are many options available for UV light purifiers, including standalone units and devices you install on your HVAC system. While the freestanding units are attractive because of the lower price, they are also much less effective.

The units installed on your HVAC system are usually located in your ductwork or placed near the evaporator coil. They treat all the circulating air as it moves through your system, yielding the greatest benefit for the investment.

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