December 20, 2021
Heat Exchanger in Kennesaw, GA

Understanding the various parts inside a furnace could help homeowners stay on top of maintenance. If you see your furnace acting strangely, act quickly. This is also true if you suspect that there are issues with a heat exchanger. Here is some more information about this critical component.

What a Heat Exchanger Does

In between the blower and the combustion chamber inside a furnace is the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger comprises metal coils designed to move heated air through the furnace. The burners inside a furnace apply heat to the heat exchanger, which absorbs the heat. Air that comes in contact with the heat exchanger warms up, and the warm air circulates through the home, provided the other parts work. If the fan or blower doesn’t work, don’t expect much efficiency from the furnace even when the heat exchanger does its job.

Damage to a Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger may suffer severe damage when the furnace overheats. Hopefully, a furnace’s high limit switch will shut things down before the temperature gets so high the heat exchanger cracks. A malfunction with the high limit switch can damage the heat exchanger. A cracked heat exchanger is often dangerous, as dangerous gases may enter the home, such as carbon monoxide.

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Filters and Heat Exchangers

Several things can damage the heat exchanger. Changing a furnace filter is an easy task that helps your HVAC system to run more efficiently. However, a dirty filter can do a lot more damage than people realize. When a furnace continues to run with a clogged filter in place, the unit might overheat, leading to a damaged heat exchanger.

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