July 30, 2021
AC Services in Kennesaw, GA

The purchase and usage of air conditioning units can be very expensive. These costs can be too much for certain people with lower incomes. However, there are government programs that can help you get an air conditioning system installed in lower-income households. Here is a look at how those programs work and how to get affordable air conditioning services.

Costs of Air Conditioners

There is a good reason why standard air conditioners are unattainable for some people. Even window air conditioning units can cost hundreds of dollars to purchase and to install, and this is before one must deal with the energy costs to operate them. Many working people are not able to afford these steep expenses.

Eligibility for Government Programs Providing Air Conditioning Assistance

In many states across the country, government programs exist to help working families get air conditioning systems installed and operating in their homes. The first step to being able to apply is to prove that you have a health reason for needing air conditioning. This can range from simple conditions such as asthma to more advanced cardiovascular issues that flare up in extreme heat. More terms of eligibility include being a U.S. citizen with a clean criminal record, having an existing lack of air conditioning, and meeting certain income thresholds.

How to Apply for Air Conditioning Assistance

Once you are found eligible for air conditioning assistance, you need to submit standard identifying paperwork such as your ID, birth certificate, social security card, or passport. There are many more options if you do not have one of those forms of identification. Finally, once you have all the necessary documents, you can go to your local housing or energy authority to submit them.

If you are unable to receive assistance through a government program, you may have other options available. For instance, local charities and non-profit groups could provide you with assistance in obtaining an AC for your home.

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