February 15, 2022
Uneven Heating Solutions in Kennesaw, GA

When all aspects of your home’s HVAC setup are functioning well, you should enjoy evenly distributed heat throughout every room. However, if even one component of your household is struggling, malfunctioning or damaged, things can become unstable quickly. If uneven heating is an issue you’re having, then before you panic, try the following troubleshooting techniques.

1. Have Your Ducts Looked At

Ductwork problems are the culprit for a high percentage of uneven heating issues. These ducts distribute heated air to the different areas of your residence, but obstructions or leaks can prevent certain sections from getting warmth. The leaks, tears or other damage will allow heat to escape before it reaches its destination. Alternatively, an accumulation of dust and debris can clog up the pathways. Either way, both your comfort and the health of your furnace will suffer. So, bring in a local professional to clean and inspect your ducts, and your uneven heating problem might vanish.

2. Inspect and Clean Your Vents

It’s also possible that one or more of your air vents are causing your home’s uneven heating. Check each one and ensure it isn’t obstructed by furniture or other objects. Frequently, homeowners won’t realize that there’s a couch directly blocking one of their vents. If the interiors of your vents are dirty, that could also be preventing sufficient heat from getting through. Use a screwdriver to open each one and use a vacuum hose to clean them out.

3. Schedule Furnace Maintenance

Perhaps the most common cause for uneven heating is a struggling furnace. Weak heat circulation could be the result of many different furnace issues. It might be caused by short cycling. The furnace could be dirty or the equipment might be nearing the end of its useful life. Short cycling means the heater prematurely shuts down before finishing the heating cycle, and this frequently causes heat distribution issues. When you bring in a heating technician for maintenance, they’ll not only give your furnace a tune-up, but they’ll also examine its health. If your heating system is the root of your uneven heating, they’ll be able to let you know.

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