November 17, 2022
Flame Rollout in Kennesaw, GA

Experiencing furnace flame rollout in your Kennesaw, Georgia home is a strong indication that your heating system exhaust needs repairs. Discoloration and singe marks on the furnace’s combustion chamber are both tell-tale signs of flame rollout. They mean that combustion gases have been accumulating in this space and preventing the furnace flames from getting the oxygen they need. Not only does this inhibit efficient heater operation, but it also poses a serious hazard for building residents. The following covers three common causes of this problem along with a few tips for preventing it.

1. Your Furnace’s Heat Exchanger Is Cracked

A damaged heat exchanger is a common cause of flame rollout. Cracked heat exchangers can result in dangerous carbon monoxide leaks if they aren’t addressed right away. If there are singe marks at the exterior of your furnace’s combustion chamber and you aren’t getting enough heat in your home, contact an HVAC professional. It’s also a good idea to check your carbon monoxide detectors to make sure that they have functional batteries and that they’re in good working order.

2. Soot Has Built Up Inside the Combustion Chamber

A buildup of soot at the interior of the combustion chamber prevents exhaust gases like carbon monoxide from exiting the building via the vent system. The best way to prevent sooty buildup in this area is by having your furnace professionally serviced once each year. It’s also important to replace aging heating equipment before it reaches the end of its expected lifespan. Delaying furnace replacement until it’s absolutely necessary can lead to frequent repair issues and the development of increasingly dangerous functional problems.

3. The Flue Pipe Is Blocked

Blocks or clogs along a furnace’s flue pipe will also prevent exhaust gases from exiting the combustion chamber. Even when a furnace’s flue pipe isn’t completely blocked, a buildup of harmful gases can still cause flame rollout and carbon monoxide leaks. Although there are a number of furnace maintenance tasks that homeowners can easily handle on their own, scheduling annual service with a trusted HVAC professional is still essential. Not only will your furnace be thoroughly inspected, tested, and cleaned by your provider during these visits, but its venting system will be examined and maintained as well.

At Total Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling, we work hard to help residents of Kennesaw, GA save money and stay safe. We offer reliable heating and cooling system maintenance, installation, and repair services. We also provide air duct cleaning, heat pump installation, and indoor air quality services. If your furnace’s combustion chamber is discolored or singed, we can help. Call us now!

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