October 20, 2020

In the United States, the majority of residential living spaces use central heating, ventilation and cooling systems. These setups utilize HVAC units to condition and heat air, ductwork to carry air throughout homes and apartment complexes and thermostats to tell HVAC systems when to run. Although these networks are sturdy and often last over a decade, they need to be cleaned regularly.

Make Use of Compressed Air

Air compressors are usually associated with roofers, construction workers and home improvement. Even if you don’t have much use for an air compressor, consider buying or renting one to clean out your HVAC unit. Use the air compressor to remove dust, debris and particulate buildup from hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in your HVAC unit. Keep in mind that small cans of compressed air used for electronics won’t suffice for proper HVAC cleaning.

Keep Your HVAC Unit Away From Debris

You’re used to seeing HVAC units outside of most of the buildings you enter, including friends’ and family members’ homes, workplaces and stores. HVAC manufacturers build these machines with industrial-quality materials and craftsmanship to withstand torrential downpours, full-on blizzards, icy-cold winters and countless hours of direct sunlight exposure. Despite their sturdiness, HVAC units don’t handle debris very well.

To lighten up your future HVAC cleaning responsibilities, build an enclosure around your HVAC unit. If you can’t afford this measure, regularly remove leaves, grass clippings and other obstructions from the vicinity of your HVAC unit.

Never Neglect Your Home’s Air Filters

Countless homeowners neglect their air filters. These filters remove pollen, mold, dead skin cells and other unwanted particles from your home. They also extend the life of your HVAC system by keeping your external unit free from harmful debris. Consider purchasing high-quality air filters to make cleaning easier in the future. You should also replace them at least four times each year. Steer clear of reusable filters, too, as they usually don’t work as well as their single-use counterparts.

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