Furnace and CoolingWhen you’re looking for home cooling and heating in Cartersville, GA, you should consider all the options we have available for you at Total Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling. We provide a full range of HVAC services, including installation, repair, and maintenance. Whether you’re seeking the right company to install a modern energy-efficient air conditioning system in your newly constructed home or you need someone who will be able to repair your current heating or system, you’ll appreciate the professional expertise we can offer.

    Air Conditioning and Furnace Repair

    When your air conditioner no longer functions properly, you might spot any of a wide array of symptoms. Sometimes you’ll become aware of a sudden spike in your monthly energy bill. Perhaps you’ll notice that your registers are blowing hot air or that there’s a puddle of water around the air conditioner. Similar symptoms accompany a malfunctioning furnace.

    There are many types of repairs that might be suitable for your HVAC system.
    • Heat exchanger replacement
    • Condensate line repair
    • Refrigerant leak repairs
    • Limit switch replacement

    Getting your air conditioner or furnace fixed sooner rather than later is a best way to reduce the likelihood that you’ll need even bigger repairs later on. You’ll also have greater peace of mind from the knowledge that your air conditioner or furnace will turn on and operate properly when you need it most.

    Cartersville Heating and Cooling Installation

    Whether you require HVAC installation because you’re building a new home or you want an equipment upgrade so that you can enjoy lower energy bills, you’ll appreciate our thorough and conscientious approach. We’ll determine the size of the unit you need based on the layout of your home and other factors. We’ll then help you consider the SEER rating, price, and warranty of each model. Finally, we’ll perform a detail-oriented installation so that the unit works properly from the beginning. We’ll show you how to operate it, and we’ll clean up after ourselves before we go.

    Air Conditioning and Furnace Maintenance

    Whether you have new or old comfort equipment in your residence, if you’d like to extend its life span while also ensuring you get the best energy efficiency possible from it, you’ll want to invest in routine AC and heater maintenance. A periodic inspection, cleaning, and tune-up can also reduce the number of repairs you’ll require for your air conditioner or furnace. In addition, this professional service will keep your warranty valid.

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    Summers in our region are hot and humid, and the winters can get chilly. If you want to ensure that your home in Cartersville is comfortable all year round, contact us at Total Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling today about getting your next cooling or heating maintenance, repair, or installation service.