March 17, 2020

In the past decade, mini-split systems have revolutionized the air conditioning game. By combining the best aspects of a window unit and a conventional ducted air conditioner, mini-splits provide unparalleled efficiency for cooling a property. While mini-splits are often the first consideration when thinking about air conditioning, people are less quick to associate them with heating. However, we believe that mini-split systems can be a fantastic heating solution as well. Here’s why.

Elimination of Ducting Losses

The primary reason for the incredible efficiency of a mini-split is that ducting losses are almost entirely eliminated. In a traditional ducted HVAC system, a furnace produces warm air that is then pumped through long pipes until it eventually disperses into a room. Air is a classically poor transmitter of energy. Furthermore, a significant amount of energy is lost simply heating the ducts themselves. This distance between the source and the living environment can ruin efficiency. In contrast, a mini-split heating system uses a heat strip to warm the air that is already in the room. Thus, the inefficiencies of ducting and distance are completely removed.

More Proper Heat Modulation

Another issue with traditional heating systems is that the furnace may be hundreds of feet from the room that needs to be heated. This means that the thermostat has a difficult time reacting to the fluctuations of temperature, and power is wasted. In a mini-split heating system, the thermostat and the heat source are one in the same. Thus, the heater always maintains an accurate measurement of the climate needs of the room and will not waste energy turning on unnecessarily.

Finer Control of Temperature Zones

Perhaps the greatest advantage of a mini-split heating system, like the ones installed by Total Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling, is the ability to control where heat is directed. Many homes have numerous rooms that occupants do not use. In a traditional system, there is no method to differentiate which areas should be heated and which should not. By using a mini-split system, creating distinct temperature zones is a trivial task. Thus, no energy is wasted heating a room that is not in use.

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